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StickyGag Responsive Blogger Template

Sticky Gag Responsive Blogger Templates

StickyGag is a responsive blogger template, which is highly responsive and has a magazine type of design that drives it to a particular idea of making gags so the name came from - StickyGag, it is again considered in the Entertainment section. It is a responsive blogger template it is for bloggers from all over the globe. The main idea of this responsive blogger template is, it is made exclusively for Gag related websites, entertains their users in every aspect by providing images, gifs, video.

StickyGag got its name from being related to Gag and people gets stuck for a while so the name goes StickyGag. Well it is a little bit weird but I usually target design's name from their working and functioning. It has many advanced features includes huge social target media on the top right under menu, it also has left sidebar and right sidebar as well so that both sides of the design are used to give some great posts. The responsive blogger template has its own Ads area due to which it is Ads friendly blogspot theme. It aids widget section as they can be configured from the Admin Panel or the Layout Section.

The StickyGag blogger template adapts its layout according to the screen sizes on which it is viewed. It is available in two colors:
1. Blue
2. Pink

  • The design is well Documented, it tells users won't need any other support because the Full Documentation Manual is given with the blogger template.
  • StickyGag is Fully Responsive blogger template has a rich design cater to the needs of every person on the earth, but not aliens
  • It sports Large size thumbnail images are used for popular posts on the website shown in the left sidebar.
  • It features the threaded comment which are helpful for tracking the replies to the comments.
  • It is SEO optimized, which in turns gives the ability to input meta information for the Search Engines.
  • The responsive blogger template has a Magazine Design is useful for daily posting, blogger template is easy to use and is helpful for Gags portals.
  • Images in the design has Lightbox enabled means on clicking the image it will be opened in the popup window showcasing the image on the website.
  • The free blogspot theme has a custom Error 404 page, it is shown when the page is not found, is useful for the Search Engine point of view to have a 404 page configured in a Page not found situation.
  • The responsive blogger template is compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari) so it runs on all the web browsers.
  • Responsive Blogger Template supports layout section from which the widgets and gadgets of the websites can be maintained. It is easy to use, and also it has been told in the documentation that how the layout will work.

StickyGag is a Blogspot theme that poses awesome smart looks and is considered particularly for Gag's. The StickyGag blogger template is also available for download above, but there are some disadvantages given below for the free variant.

It is a pure responsive blogger template although we have also incorporated the downloadable versions, but those have their limitations as well, like:

1. Irremovable Footer Links, one can't remove our footer links because removing footer links will redirect your website to our site.
2. Very Less Customization with the design
3. Encrypted Code
4. Cannot use the responsive blogger template with multiple domains.
5. No Documentation Provided

However, premium version removes all these limitations and you'll get:
1. Full Customization with the coding
2. Unencrypted Code
3. Can use the responsive blogger template with multiple domains
4. Detailed Full Documentation
5. Support

This is the initial version of this theme and it may come in many variants which will be available free for the users who purchases this theme. The users who want to purchase this theme can goto our Shop from where this responsive blogger template can be purchased.

Note: Buyers will get additional support and lifetime free releases.

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