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Creative Blogger Template

Creative Blogger Template

Creative Blogger Template is a Responsive Blogger Template that you can customize. This creative blogger template features the Theme Options given in the Layout section. You can customize this creative blogger template from the Layout section, you don’t need to go into coding for doing most of the editing. You can change Sliders, it comes with two slider options. You can toggle many options in this theme. You can activate or deactivate the Preloader in the theme and you can do much more.

It is pre packed with features that you can ON or OFF according to your needs. We have developed this aesthetic multipurpose blogger theme for our users who can find the ease of usage of a simple blogger template. This is really a multipurpose blogger template developed by Oddthemes from which you can make your own website very unique.


  1. Customized Theme Options
  2. Preloader On & Off
  3. Header Padding: You can increase and decrease the gap in the Logo and Menu in the Header.
  4. Sliders: You can select Slider1 & Slider2 as option to display the kind of slider you like.
  5. Infinite Scrolling: You can On & Off the Infinite Scrolling or Ajax Load More Posts
  6. Post Styles: We've given 3 post styles: Grid, List and Simple
  7. Hover Effect: We've transitional hover effects in this theme. Gradient transitional hover is also included.
  8. Multipurpose Blogger Template
  9. Multi Author Template
  10. Fully SEO Optimized
  11. Layout Area on Homepage
  12. Creative Blogger Template Design
  13. Responsive Blogger Templates
  14. Free Blogger Templates 2018
  15. 100% Fully responsive
  16. Social Icons widget
  17. Fast Blogger Template
  18. Ajax Infinite Loading Pagination
  19. Unlimited Sidebar widgets
  20. Ads Ready
  21. Social Share functionality
  22. “Back to top” button functionality

The whole Theme Option including Multiple Sliders, Preloader, Header Padding, Hover Effects etc are only available in Premium Version which you can only avail by purchasing the template.

The documentation/instructions as how to setup this Creative Blogger Template is given here which will guide you through the whole template as how to setup or change anything: Creative Theme Documentation

Creative blogger Template 2018 is a clean and creative blogger theme which put together each detail and customize it in keeping with your desires. It comes with elaborated documentation and our Top Notch support for Premium Users.

Template plus Installation includes:
  1. Installation of your Blogger Theme the RIGHT WAY.
  2. Customization of your Theme as the exact look and feel of the demo website.
  3. Installation of your Theme’s default widgets.
  4. Installation of your Theme’s Demo content.
  5. Customization of your Theme as the demo website.
  6. Top Notch Support.
  7. Don’t know how to setup the theme. Don't worry our team will setup the template for you and will make it look like our demo in no time at all.

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