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FullBox Multipurpose Blogger Template

fullbox Responsive Blogger Template

FullBox is a responsive blogger template, which is highly responsive and has a magazine type of design in 2 column layout. It contains fullwidth layout on top and as well as at the bottom and body section contains the Boxed width layout, hence its name got emerged from its layout.

The theme is available in 4 variants namely:
1. Standard
2. Standard Transparent
3. Black
4. Black Transparent

It is a blogspot theme that poses good looks and can be considered as a allround theme. The design is responsive blogger template is available for download above, but there are some disadvantages given below. It is a flawlessly awesome theme.

It is a pure responsive blogger template, although we have also incorporated the downloadable files but those variants have their limitations as well, like:

1. Irremovable Footer Links, One can't remove our links because after removing it will redirect your website to our website.
2. Very Less modification along coding
3. Encrypted Code
4. Cannot use on multiple website.
5. No Documentation Provided

However, premium version removes all these limitations and you'll get:
1. It gives whole editing the coding.
2. Unencrypted Code of responsive blogger template.
3. You can use the theme on multiple domains.
4. Along with this detailed Documentation is given.
5. Responsive blogger template also gives support.

It is the initial version of the design and it may come in many variants which will be available free for the users who purchases this theme. It is Responsive Blogger Template includes below mentioned features:

1. Breaking News [Trending]
2. Social Share
3. Slider with 2 slide images and 1 slide image on smaller screens [Responsive]
4. Grid/List View Recent Posts
5. Tabbing: 6 tabs to show category wise.
6. Video Carousel [Customizable]
7. Many more.

The users who want to purchase the responsive blogger template can goto our Shop from where this file can be purchased.

Note: Buyers will get additional support and lifetime free releases.

Free Version

No Support. Irremovable Credit links. For Single Domain

Free Download

Licensed Version

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