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DreamGrid Responsive Blogger Template

Dream Grid Responsive Blogger Template

Dream Grid is a free responsive blogger template, is highly responsive and has a grid type of design generally called as Masonry layout. Dream Grid is a multi purpose theme that caters to the needs of the bloggers nowadays. This is a free blogger template features Masonry design is very stiff design that automatically adjusts itself according to user device's screen dynamically. This is hence a responsive blogger template, everyone likes to use it for their websites to help attract more users to gain traffic.
Dream Grid is a blogspot theme, it has solid looks and is used in many showcasing products or portfolio types websites. This blogger template has a generic yet awesome powerful look, it is highly used.

The blogger template have a 3 column masonry layout goes to 1 column when seen on mobile and tablet. The responsive blogger template have the fixed sidebar contains the logo in it and the menu bar as well. The sidebar goes along with the responsive blogger template on all the devices and remains on the left side of the screen. The responsive blogger template has very demanding looks with a elegant background and sharp grids which can be moulded accordingly. It is the most sensuous design I have ever designed.

  • It is well Documented, means full documentation is provided with the blogger template for easy customization of the template.
  • It has full Responsive design adapts and render the website according to the user device screen, such as mobiles, tablets, laptops, etc
  • It poses Elegant looks which are very attractive and hence demanded more.
  • Features of the theme also includes Threaded Comment gives the ability to track the replies of the users on the comments.
  • The theme is fully SEO optimized gives the users options for adding their own meta content in the design itself.
  • The theme has a Grid based design generally used for showing most of the products or items on the homepage itself.
  • It comes with the pre-defined Newsletter Subscription is helpful for customer subscription.
  • The responsive blogger template has the Fixed Menubar on the left side of the design that is a unique concept in the design to give users the option to navigate from the left which is always present there.
  • It is equipped with Masonry layout, it automatically adjusts itself no matter what the height or width of the posts images are, so it is dynamically very helpful
  • The responsive blogger template has right sidebar on posts page on which the ads can be placed and the users can have the advertisement on the blogger template.
  • This free responsive blogger template is very suitable for your own site.
  • Compatible with major browsers (IE8+,Mozilla,Chrome,Safari)
  • Professional blogger admin layout, help you easy work with layout.

The Dream Grid is a Blogspot theme that poses awesome smart looks and can also be considered as a personal responsive blogger template for bloggers. The Dream Grid responsive blogger template is also available for download above, but there are some disadvantages given below for the free version.

It is a pure responsive blogger template although we have also incorporated the downloadable versions, but those versions have their limitations as well, like:

1. Irremovable Footer Links, one can't remove the footer links because removing footer links will redirect your website to our website.
2. Very Less Customization with the design
3. Encrypted Code
4. Cannot use the responsive blogger template with multiple website.
5. No Documentation Provided

However, premium version removes all these limitations and you'll get:

1. Full Customization with the coding
2. Unencrypted Code
3. Can use the design with multiple domains.
4. Detailed Full Documentation
5. Support

This is the initial version of this design and it may come in many versions, will be available free for the users who purchases this theme.

The users who want to purchase this blogspot theme can goto our Shop from where this file can be purchased.
Note: Buyers will get additional support and lifetime free version releases.

Free Version

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